Product Details
The following provides an insight into just a few of the features avilable wthin DebtView. Contact us to arrange a demo to see the full set of features  and functionality we have to offer. 
DebtView Debtor
DebtView has been developed and designed from scratch with usability and efficiency in mind.  Our screens are clean and clutter free and organised to help you get to the information you need fast without overburdening the user with more information than can be conusmed.

We understand the majority of the time users will be talking to the debtor and reviewing information, which is why so much emphasis in simplicity and  organisation has been applied.

Simple and Intuitive


Activities are the cornerstone to DebtView's flexibility. Activities represent  anything you intend to action on a partcular case. For example close the account, place it on hold, start legal proceedings, prompt a user to call the account and a whole host of other activities.

Because each activity is a self contained command in the system we have the ability to control and restrict what people can and can't do based on a combination of  user rights and the current status of the case. By trimming available activities the user is always guided on what can and can't be done on a particular case, preventing mistakes and inappropriote action being taken.
DebtView activities

Payment Arrangements

The payment arrangement screen is clean and simple, providing a simple set and helper calculator to aid the collector in negotiations as well as providng the ability to set up automatic card payments for the agreement.
DebtView activities


Upload Word document templates to extend your systems correspondance to debtors. View the sent document from within a debts activities page.
DebtView activities


Get a full 360 view of the debt within the notes page allowing you to view various activities such as action taken, notes, payments and allocations in time order, providing the user with a full chronological story of the debts life.
DebtView activities

Associate Files

Whether you need to associate pdf files from third parties, letter scans, income and expenditure documents or images, you can manually associate these from within DebtView or utilise our dropbox connector to associate files automatically. 
DebtView activities

Simple Workflow

DebtViews workflow builder is simple, intuitive and very powerful. Allowing you to define what happens, when and how, for all your different case types.
DebtView activities