Debt Collection Made Simple

At Indigo Cloud we understand the importance of an efficient and simple process to recovering late payments or bad debts. DebtView is the result of our vast debt recovery experience combined with the most recent technologies and best practice product development approaches. 
The Product
We have a great product in DebtView, it is easy to use, scalable and ready for your recovery needs at all levels. Whether you are a single user or a large organisation we can have your service running in a matter of hours.

The Process
We understand that adopting a cloud based solution is new and often unfamiliar to some companies.  We stay with you through your journey whether you need help with your intial configuration of your products and workflows or if you have growing demands for system integration , data analytics and reporting. We will be there for you. 
  1. Design
    Our user interface has been built from the ground up with simplicity and efficiency in mind, whether on your desktop tablet or phone.
  2. Fully Scalable
    Fully Scalable
    Built in Microsoft's Azure platform we have the ability to scale every component for both performance and redundancy.
  3. Pre Built Reports
    Pre Built Reports
    We provide you with a set of commonly used pre-built reports and will support you in building custom reports for your individual needs.
  4. Cloud Product
    Cloud Product
    Deployed in the cloud you have no need for internal hardware, operating system or database license costs.
  5. Flexible Workflow
    Flexible Workflow
    The DebtView workflow engine is simple and effective. Providing you with the ability to build very targeted behavioiur for various account types
  6. Word Document Templates
    Word Document Templates
    Whether sending emails or hard copy letters , you can build your library of document templates using Microsoft Word.
  7. SMS
    Our SMS service allows you to reach your debtors with ease. As part of a workflow or manually, from within a case.
  8. Email
    Send predefined document templates or manual letters via email, either from a workflow or manually from within a case.
  9. Legal
    Apply legal action such as County Court Judgements and Warrants via Engalnd and Wales County Courts.
  10. Dropbox Integration
    Dropbox Integration
    Associate files quickly and easliy through our Dropbox connector. A great way to collaborate on the collection process with your clients and business partners.
  11. Work Allocation
    Work Allocation
    Allocate debt types and categories to different teams on load and allow users and teams to take and pass ownership.
  12. Credit Cards
    Credit Cards
    Take credit and debit card payments within the case screen or in the financial area.
  13. Payment Arrangement
    Payment Arrangement
    A flexible payment plan calculator to help your teams set up the most appropriate repayment schedules.
  14. Notes
    Our notes screen allows you to see not only manual notes , but also includes payments and activities, proving a very insightful account timeline trace.
  15. Activity History
    Activity History
    A full history of activities and their associated content such as documents sent, emails and texts sent are all accessible from the activities screen for a case.
  16. Customisation
    Custom fields and field sets allow you to show and edit information specific to the case type, whether that's personal account details, car insurance specific or any other information you need.
  17. Linked Cases
    Linked Cases
    Provides the ability link a case to one or more other cases. Useful for negotiation and payment plan verification.
  18. Flexible Allocations
    Flexible Allocations
    Our financial allocations model is very flexible and supports a very broad range of fee and cost allocation strategies.
  19. Integration
    Our product is built on best practices and industry standard technologies. The ability to integrate solutions is quick and easy via our open REST API which provides 100% functionality.
  20. Personal Scheduler
    Personal Scheduler
    Our personal scheduler helps the user plan their day by showing them their scheduled prompts for calls and other account activities. Based on assigned cases.
  21. Case Files
    Case Files
    Ability to associate any number of documents to a debt such as png, jpg, word, txt pdf etc.
DebtView Screenshot
DebtView Screenshot
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